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Home made Wind Generator 90 VOLT DC Motor

winds gusting to over 30MPH and this wind generator stays smooth and easily pegs my 50 volt meter

Permanent Magnet Alternator generator, part 1 NdFeB N52 Permanent Magnets are here. High Amps PMA Permanent Magnet Alternator Generator. Permanent magnets NdFeB. Use these powerful permanent magnet alternators (PMA’s) to make cheap electricity with vertical axis wind turbines. Stop wasting up to 50% of your power energizing the coil of standard brush type alternators. Get a real PMA! It is good enough for small wind turbine. A small wind turbine is a very simple machine, wind energy is a pollution-free, it does not use fuel; it does not produce greenhouse gases, and it does not produce toxic or radioactive waste!
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  1. joehara123 says:

    @senecadaze is any of that electricity being stored? and if so could you tell me how and about what type of power it can store like how much and such…im really interested

  2. senecadaze says:

    @brucecohen69 sure!!would love too,you cover my airfare too?

  3. brucecohen69 says:


  4. LUCKY4908 says:

    the WIND has to YIELD by the TAIL FIN or EMERGENCY on the ROAD, bty GOOD JOB on your project,. Im starting to work on my project also, I have fan motor I dont know if its gonna work and I have to convert it, doesnt have magnets inside, its aircondition motor blower fan 220v ac, Im going to put magnet inside the rotor. do you think it works? if not Ill look some threatmill motor in junkyard

  5. MrBadchad83 says:

    Nice work. Now use the power it generates to power i bigger fan to continuously blow into the wind turbine. Tell me how long the motor can last. Next, build a sequence of them and add a sensor on each unit telling it when to shut off and start the next generator. You might have to look into motor lubrication and cooling for it to run for long periods of time. Yes I am looking into this. Sort of like a car engines cooling unit but with out the gas and exhaust. Good luck and Nice work!

  6. 269dremer says:

    @bg0821 Howdy . Look up MAGNET MOTOR. You dont need the wind. Just magnets.

  7. 269dremer says:

    Try mounting the generator straight up, with the fan flat. That was the wind can blow in any direction and not tangle the cord.

  8. comanchetexas says:

    How do you keep the prop load off the generator bearings?

  9. powerzap69 says:

    A few things that may help those of you doing this type of project. Look towards using the drive assembly from a shaft drive motorcycle then feed it down to your dc motor. saves you the hassel of the feed wires plus gives a stronger lateral bearing strength. those motors used here will wear out quick without reinforcements on the shaft to the blades. “think” elec. cooling fan car. there you go, add a diode and there is your basic power source.

  10. IdahoViewing says:

    How much current at 14 volts?

  11. senecadaze says:

    this tail works better than the pair of mud flaps i use on my current wind genny

  12. HomePowerWind says:

    i like the idea on the recycled tail fin.

  13. senecadaze says:

    @bg0821 normally i have a small chain connecting motor to mast,which does not allow damage to cord

  14. senecadaze says:

    not sure of gen motor as i have built dozens of these

  15. senecadaze says:

    ,yes is in housing,totaly enclosed motors i have had in the elements for over three years

  16. drboose says:

    looks awesome – what is the generator?

  17. TheTwistedGypsy says:

    doesn’t it short out in the rain, as there is no housing?


    Good Job!

  19. bg0821 says:

    cool! A cold winter’s windy day. Ever have a problem with the cord wrapping around the main post and restricting tail movement?

  20. sarakhan02 says:

    Nice. To make it more effective, speed up gear should be added and supply should go to the battery instead of connecting to direct load.

  21. exscier says:

    This is quite a genius invention, you have my respect in the fields of ingenuity and general electrical scientific knowledge.

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