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15 Watt, 12 Volt Solar Panel # 96418 – Harbor Freight Tools

Amorphous crystal solar panel provides superior performance in bright sun and in partial shade. Use this solar panel to power an appliance, light, small moto…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Here is a review of an Instapark 10 Watt solar panel. It uses USB to charge up to two devices at the same time and folds into a pouch for easy storage.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Jay Martin says:

    thanks pat.

  2. jjonathanreno says:

    i work at harbor frieght we lost 4 managers and 18 employees in the past 4
    months i stuck with the place and liked my job but with the way things are
    going im losing hope in the place if people only knew

  3. 8digitPDX says:

    @HiepHoiNails I have some videos at my channel detailing one wiring system,
    but you get a wiring diagram in the package with every charge controller
    sold these days, with the wire attachment points on the charge controllers
    always being pretty clearly labeled.

  4. jeffrey123666 says:


  5. Oanh Bui says:

    Super product ! Needless to say ! I will build my own Solar Power Generator
    to save money . Do you have another video with diagram coaching how to
    build SPG ?

  6. 8digitPDX says:

    I have lots of these but had to buy the three panel kits in order get much
    of a deal on them. What would be nice is you guy selling these in packages
    of five to ten. Some of the ebay sellers have this same panel in sets of

  7. erlycuyler says:

    We have 2 sets of them and batteries,and….we LOVE them. We live off-grid
    and this provides most of our modest power needs. It charges our
    phones,provides our lighting,and can even power a tv.We don’t have this
    single panel,we have the 3 panel set. To learn more,just visit our blog.

  8. chronosxl85 says:

    nice video. Does the solar panel work with artificial lighting, like a lamp?

  9. Shayd says:

    Does it really give 2amps peak? is it shared or 1 Amp per USB port, Goal
    zero gave only 0.5 in full sunlight, it wasn’t enough to charge phone even

  10. Shayd says:

    There is one on Amazon with battery pack very similar to yours for 80$
    total might get that one

  11. Pete Prepper says:

    I think that it would. It folds up so the panels are protected.

  12. SuperBZN says:

    I STRONGLY recommend you try to stop saying “uhmmm” between thoughts. You
    could also try editing your thoughts with fast cuts. It’s more work, but
    it’s easy to do and your videos will be shorter, better, and more liked.

  13. UOJeffrey79 says:

    Thank you! I own one of there 40w regular panels but before purchasing this
    one your showing I wanted to see if someone posted anything about it, so
    thank you. One more thing, on Amazon they are selling a $29 dollar one
    that’s a 4w and they have the Amazon free shipping if you spend over $25
    dollars or more option for it. plus the the smaller one comes with three
    different cover choices (the one I like is camo) and it has a small battery
    storage unit included with it .

  14. Gomez william c says:

    entra em contato com eles as lampadas ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM podemos
    iluminar, uma ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM comprar, material solar.

  15. William Hedgepeth says:

    Does it charge that battery bank fully during the day and if so how long
    would you say it takes?

  16. Gvcopeland says:

    Thank you. My main question is can you put it to the USB on the computer to
    charge it. The 4 amp says that you can with that model.

  17. foxthree7 says:

    I am on the fence about purchasing this solar panel. I read some reviews
    that this model is not built very well and prone to breaking (panels). I
    know goal zero can be dropped and thrown about. I called the manufactuer in
    California to inquire about the reliability. This company is a joke and no
    one can speak english. So if you please, how do you feel about the panels
    holding up. Is that hard plastic a barrier to the panels or is the hard
    plastic apart of the panels ? thanks

  18. Pete Prepper says:

    I do not have an amp meter that works currently. The instructions say 2
    amps, and I’m assuming 1 amp per usb port. I have used it to charge my EVO
    4g and it does a great job on that power hungry phone. I have also used it
    to charge my Anker Astro2, but it takes like days to recharge that because
    the Anker is 8400 Mah. It charges my Isound back up battery 5000 Mah in
    just over a day.

  19. Pete Prepper says:

    Hi Fox, It does seem to be hard plastic, or resin. The unit works like a
    champ and I use it every day to charge a couple back up battery packs. It
    hangs in my kitchen window. I have not drop tested it, nor do I intend to.
    I know goal zero makes a good product, but they are quite a bit more
    expensive than Instapark. If you need ultra reliability, and don’t mind the
    extra cost go Goal Zero. Oh, and the Chinese and Koreans make most solar
    items anyway, Goal Zero has American marketing.

  20. Pete Prepper says:

    I have not tried the Goal Zero so unless they send me one to review I can’t
    comment on that product. It sounds like this one puts out a lot more power
    though. Thanks for the comment.

  21. foxthree7 says:

    Yea. I often but the alternative but I just dont know if the instapark will
    be reliable enough to be banged around inside the BOB. I want a foldable
    panel to charge AA and AAA batteries (guide 10 plus). Based on your product
    experience, do you think the instapark can hold up inside a BOB ? Thanks.